About the author and the web site...

This web site was constructed by Roger M. Wells Jr., a second year graduate student at the State University of New York, College at Cortland, pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Science, with New York State Certification in Earth Science and General Science.

It was constructed during the Fall semester of 1998 on the campus of SUNY Cortland. The purpose of constructing the site was to fulfill the course requirements for SCI 690 - Independent Study in Science Education. SCI 690 is a required course for graduate students pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching Science.

The project was supervised by Dr. Rena Janke, the M.A.T. Coordinator of Secondary Education in Science, and Dr. Christopher McRoberts, Assistant Professor, Paleontology & Sedimentology.

The goal was to create a web site companion to the Invertebrate Paleontology course offered at SUNY Cortland (GLY 363). Primarily, the web site would provide the students enrolled in GLY 363 with an additional source for studying the laboratory materials when the laboratory is not accessible. In addition it would be a useful source for anyone searching for information about invertebrate paleontology on the World Wide Web.

The benefit to Mr. Wells was to strengthen his knowledge in Invertebrate Paleontology while at the same time learn a variety of new skills that were required to create the site. The acquisition of these new skills will hopefully better prepare him for the challenge of becoming an effective teacher of science.

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