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Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy

Welcome to the website of the Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy (STS). Under the auspicities of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS), the STS is charged with the establishment of a standard, globally applicable stratigraphic scale for the Triassic system.


Executive (2012-2014)


Chair: Marco Balini, Milano, Italy

Vice Chair: Mark Houslow, Lancaster, UK

Vice Chair: Jiannan Tong, Hubei, Peoples Republic of China

Secretary General: Christopher A. McRoberts, Cortland, USA

Past Chair: Michael J. Orchard (2004-2008). Vancouver, Canada

Recent News


Global Triassic 2.

Recently published by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science, Bulletin 61: The Triassic System: New Developments in Stratigraphy and Paleontology Edited by: Lawrence H. Tanner, Justin A. Spielmann and Spencer G. Lucas. This volume containing 49 individual papers spread over more than 600 pages iis now available online with free access to downloadable pdf papers of individual contributions. Click here to
access the volume.


Norman J. Silberling (1928-2011)

On September 27, 2011, Norm Silberling peacefuly passed away in Colorado USA. Norm was a principle contributer, along with Tim Tozer, on the development of the North American time scale for the Triassci and made significant advances to our undersanding of the complex history of the accreted terranes of the American Cordillera. A gentle man who selflessly shared his vast knowledge, he was always willing to provide assistance and sound advice


Albertiana moved to new server.

The official publication of the STS, Albertiana, is now avaialble on SUNY Cortland's webserver. The newly designed web presence should provide Triassic researchers a more stable and user friendy experience. Current issues and archived volumes can be downloaded in pdf format. Click here to visit the new Albertiana page.


Timothy Edward Tozer (1928-2010)

On December 26, 2010, Tim Tozer passed away in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He was a major figure in the Triassic world for many decades and contributed greatly to our science. In honour of his contributions, Michael Orchard held a special session on the Triassic at the 20th Canadian Paleontology Conference at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. 19-22 August 2011.


The Base of Carnian unanimously passed by both base-Carnian Task Group and STS!

The proposal by Mietto et al. (see Albertiana, v. 36, 2007) for the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) defining the base of the Carnian Stage of the Triassic has passed both the base-Carnian Task Group and STS voting membership by unanimous vote. Balloting is currently underway by the IGC voting membership.


The Triassic has a new GSSP! Base of Ladinian successfully ratified by IUGS.

The proposal by Brack et al. for the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) defining the base of the Ladinian Stage of the Middle Triassic to be the base of Eoprotrachyceras curionii at the Bagolino section of Italy has passed the ICS by majority vote and has been ratified by the IUGS at its recent meeting in Lithuania. Click here for a the full proposal (1.6 MB pdf file).

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Voting and Corresponding Members

Click here for a list of current STS membership.

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The STS publishes a semiannual Newsletter, Albertiana. Edited by Christopher McRoberts (SUNY Cortland), Albertiana has its own website which can be found by clicking here.

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Stage Boundary Task Groups

Task Groups of the STS are organizational bodies created for the selection and definition of the lower boundaries of the stages of the Triassic System. Currently,  there are six active task groups, and two inactive ones that have completed their tasks.

Listing of Task Groups

Base Rhaetian Task Group,
L. Krystyn, chair.
Base Norian Task Group, M. Orchard, chair
Base Carnian Task Group,
M. Gaetani, chair. Task Group work likely completed *
Base Ladinian Task Group,
A. Baud, chair. Task Group work completed **
Base Anisian Task Group,
E. Gradinaru, chair.
Base Olenekian Task Group,
Y. D. Zakharov, chair.
Base Induan Task Group,
Yin Hongfu, chair. Task Group work completed ***
Non-marine Boundaries Task Group,
S. Lucas, chair.

*As of January, 2008, the base-Carnian Task Group has forwarded a GSSP proposal to the STS for balloting. The proposed boundary is defined at the first appearance of the ammonoid Daxatina canadensis (Whiteaves) which is coincident with the base of the D. canadensis subzone of the Trachyceras zone in the Prati di Stuores/Stuores Wissen section of northern Italy.

**In, 2005, the base of the Ladinian Stage was approved by the STS and ratified by the ICS and IUGS. The boundary is defined at the first appearance of the ammonoid Eoprotrachyceras curionii, in the Bagolino section, Province of Brescia, northern Italy.

***In 2001, the base of the Induan Stage (and therefore the Permian/Triassic boundary) was approved through majority vote by the STS and ratified by ICS (Yin et al., 2001). The boundary is defined at the first appearance of the conodont Hindeodus parvus at the base of Bed 27c of Meishan section D, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, South China.

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February 12-16, 2014. Pan-European Correlation of the Triassic: 11th International Field Workshop - NW Gondwana margin of the Neo-Tethys (Negev, southern Israel). This workshop offers participants the opportunity to Triassic succession in southern Israel (Negev, Makhtesh Ramon, Makhtesh Areif). The Triassic succession is outcropped in the region which is considered to be a future UNESCO Geo-park, named “Makhteshim Country”. This is not only because of the abundantly interesting geological sites, but also due to its archaeological and ecological value. For more information, contact Dorit Korngreen or downlowad the 3rd circular here.




September 23-27, 2013. Pan-European Correlation of the Triassic: 10th International Field Workshop - Permian and Triassic of the eastern Iberian Ranges, Spain. This workshop offers participants the opportunity to study, Triassic and Jurassic sequences every day in the eastern Iberian Ranges, in Cuenca and Teruel provinces. Stops will include Permian and Triassic (continental and marine) sections as mentioned above. Description of the stops will be detailed in the second circular. Contact José López-Gómez for more information.


August 19-22, 2011. 21st Canadian Paleontology Conference, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Organized by The Earth and Ocean Sciences Department University of British Columbia and The Geological Survey of Canada. Please note there will be a special session on the Triassic, dedicated to Timothy Edward Tozer (1928-2010). This session is the only scheduled meeting of the STS in 2011. Click here to go to the conference website, here to see the announcement in vo. 39 of Albertiana, or contact Michael Orchard for more information.

September 4-9, 2011. Pan-European Correlation of the Triassic: 8th International Field Workshop - Triassic of Southeast France (Provence: Var and Alpes-maritimes). This workshop offers participants the opportunity to study, through a variety of landscapes (from coastal cliffs of the Toulon area up to mountains about 2,000 m asl of the Dôme de Barrot), various modes of Permian-Triassic unconformable boundary, and a Triassic series that presents both “Germanic” characters by its lithofacies, and “Sephardic” (Tethyan) characters by its palaeontological content. Contact Marc Durand for more information or click here for the first circular and here for registration form.

September 5-8, 2011. 13th Russian Palynological Conference "Modern Palynological Issues" (Syktvkar, Russia). This conference offers thematic sessions involving applied palynology, palynological methods, and several sessions on palynostratigraphy and paleoecology that would be of interest to STS members. Contact Nataly Ilyina for further information information and click here for the first circular and here for second circular (both MS Word documents).

September 19-22, 2011. Sixth International Conference on Environmental Micropaleontology, Microbiology and Meiobenthology. Moscow, Russia (with pre-meeting fiield trips in St. Petersburg and Leningrad). The EMMM-2011 will be in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. The first part will include a field trip to be carried out by the FGUP "A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute" in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region on September 15–18. The second part will include technical sessions conducted at the A.A. Borissiak Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, on September 19–22. The First Circular of EMMM-2011 contains important information about this meeting. It is also available at www.paleo.ru/EMMM-2011. Please, use this web site for getting news and documents for EMMM-2011. Contact organizing committee member Valery Vuks or click here for the first circular and here for futher information on the EMMM Group.


September 12-16, 2010. New Developments on Triassic Integrated Stratigraphy. Palermo, Sicily. Official STS meeting for presentation of new data and for discussion on a wide range of Triassic topics as well as an opportunity to visit some of the best Triassic successions of Western Sicily, including the Pizzo Mondello section, GSSP candidate section for the Norian boundary. Organizing committee chaired by Marco Balini (STS Chair).You can download the pdf of this meeting volume published in Albertiana: Click here for the high resolution version [37 MB pdf file] or here for the low resolution verison [3.4 MB]

September 5-10, 2010. 7th International Field Workshop (Pan-European Correlation of the Triassic). Dolomites, Southern Alps, Italy. This workshop/field conference is dedicated to visit the classical localities of the Triassic of the Dolomites, after their inscription in the Word Heritage List as serial natural property. Website for the meeting (including circulars, registration forms, etc...) can be found by clicking here.

May 30-June 3, 2010. Prague 2010, ICS Workshop: The GSSP Concept. Official ICS meeting including both plenary, topical, and subcommissions workshops. Organizing committee chaired by Stan Finney (ICS). Click here for 2nd circular and here for registration form.


July 18, 2009. The "Golden Spike" ceremony for the base of the Ladinian Stage, Bagolino, Italy. The “golden spike” ceremony was held at Bagolino, GSSP site for the base Ladinian Stage.

September, 7-11, 2009. 6th International Triassic Field Workshop (Pan-European Correlation of the Triassic). The Triassic of Southwest Germany. 175th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Triassic System by Friedrich von Alberti. Correspondence: G. Bachmann at Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg. 

June- October, 2009. IGCP 572 Second annual Meeting and field workshop in southern TurkeyCorrespondence: S. Crasquin, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, 

July 2009. IGCP 572 First annual meeting and symposium “Early Triassic ecosystems” of the western United States. M.L. Fraiser, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 


September 29-October 2. Upper Triassic subdivisions, zonations and events. Bad Goisern, Austria. Symposium and field workshop in the classic Hallstatt region with a focus field triips to the proposed Norian/Rhaetian GSSP at Steinbergkogel.

August 5-14 , 2008. 33rd International Geologic Congress. Oslo, Norway International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and many other international and national organisations, the National IUGS Committees in the five Nordic Countries (Norden): Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden, hereby invite you to join the 2008 Congress. Click here for the official congress website.


May 23-25 , 2007. The Global Triassic. Albuquerqe, New Mexico This international symposium will be devoted to all aspects of the Triassic System with particular focus on the Triassic timescale and Triassic biotic events. It will be an official meeting of the IUGS Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy, and a final meeting of IGCP 467 on Triassic Time and Correlation. Click here for the website devoted the conference and downloadable pdf files of all contributions in the two volumes (New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Bulletins 40 and 41). Click here for the meeting report.


June 17-21, 2006. Second International Palaeontological Congress, Beijing, China.  Session T10 will be on Life and Environments during Triassic Time. Click here for the website devoted to the meeting or email the organizers at: IPC2006@nigpas.ac.cn.

March, 2006. Circum-Panthalassa Triassic Faunas and Sequences. Wellington, New Zealand. Joint meeting InterRad XI.The focus of this symposium was on Triassic stratigraphy and correlations in the circum-Pacific region. Click here for the for the website devoted to the conference. The meeting report can be downloaded here, report on IGCP 467 activities at the conference can be downloaded here, and you can download a pdf [2.5 MB] file of Triassic-related abstracts of talks/posters presented at the meeting here.

August, 2006. The Boreal Triassic. Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Arctic Norway. This symposium will focus on all aspects of the Arctic Triassic and correlation with Tethys. Click here for the official website devoted to the conferece. Click here for the meeting report.

July 12 - 30, 2006. First International Conodont Symposium. University of Leicester, U.K. Included is a special session on TRIASSIC CONODONTS: TAXONOMY AND TIMESCALES. For more information visit the website here or email the organizers at: ICOS2006@leicester.ac.uk. Click here for the meeting report.


September 12-13. XV Congreso Nacional Sedimentologia and IV Coloquio Estratigrafia, Paleogeografia del Permico y Triasico de Espana, Valencia Spain. Click here website devoted to the meeting.

May 23-25, 2005. Triassic Chronostratigraphy and Biotic Recovery. Wuhan, China. Triassic chronostratigraphy, especially the Lower Triassic, and the ecosystem reconstruction and biotic recovery and related biotic and environmental events following the mass extinction. The abstracts and field guide for this meeting are available in Albertiana vol. 33 here. Click here for the meeting report.


August 20-28, 2004. International Geological Congress. Florence, Italy.
32 IGC Workshop DWO-09. Definition, correlation, and subdivision of the Triassic. Conveners: Mike Orchard, Marizio Gaetani, and Christopher McRoberts. Click here for the abstracts (144 KB pdf file) and here for the meeting report.

June 25-July 10, 2004. Field workshop on Triassic Time. Spiti-Himalayas, India A 2-day working session with the main emphasis on Triassic stage boundaries, followed by an 8-day bus/jeep tour to examine famous Triassic sections at Muth, Kuling and surroundings areas. Note: the field guide and abstracts of this meeting is available in a Supplement to vol. 30  of Albertiana. Click here for the meeting report.


May 25th -28th, 2003. Extinction events, faunal turnovers, and natural boundaries within and around the Late Triassic.Vancouver, Canada. Conodont workshop on the Carnian-Norian boundary. Click here for the meeting report.
September 11th -15th  2003. Triassic geochronology and cyclostratigraphy a field symposium. Focus on Secada core research and Middle Triassic time scales. Conodont workshop on the Olenekian-Anisian boundary. Click here for the meeting report.


21st – 25th June, 2002. The 8th International Symposium on Conodonts held in Europe (ECOS 8). Click here for the meeting report.
September 5-8th, 2002. Field workshop on Middle Triassic boundaries. Veszprum, Hungary. Click here for the meeting report.

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Annual Reports of the STS

2009 Annual Report [pdf file]

2008 Annual Report [pdf file]

2006 Annual Report [pdf file]

2005 Annual Report [pdf file]

2004 Annual Report [pdf file]

2003 Annual Report [pdf file]

2002 Annual Report [pdf file]

2001 Annual Report [pdf file]

2000 Annual Report [pdf file]

1999 Annual Report [pdf file]

1998 Annual Report [pdf file]

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Albertiana The official newsletter of the STS

IGCP 467: Triassic Time and Trans-Panthalassan Correlations

IGCP 458: Triassic-Jurassic Boundary Events

International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) home page

International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) home page

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