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GLY 359 Sedimentary Geology (Spring, 2018)

Taughannock Falls

"The sediments are a sort of epic poem of the Earth. When we are wise enough perhaps we can read in them all of past history"

Rachel Carson, 1951

The purpose of this course is for students to learn how ancient environments may be reconstructed by interpreting sedimentary rocks and the processes of sedimentation. This broad goal can be divided into three course objectives: that the student by the end of the course (i) is, using a variety of techniques, able to recognize and describe the physical properties of common sedimentary rocks and sedimentary structures in hand samples and in thin section; (ii) becomes knowledgeable in the basic principles governing sedimentological processes in modern environments, and (iii) is able integrate observations from sedimentary rocks and stratigraphic sequences and formulate interpretations of ancient depositional environment(s)


General Course Information


Dr. Christopher McRoberts
1010 Bowers Hall



Lecture: Bowers 1011, TU & TH: 10:05-11:20
Lab: Bowers 336, TH: 11:40-2:30

Required Text

Nichols, G. 2009. Sedimentology & Stratigraphy, 2nd edition. Wiley-Backwell.

Syllabus and Policy

click here for pdf


Important Dates

Tuesday February 27: Exam 1

Tuesday April 3: Exam 2

Saturday, April 14: All day field trip


Content and Files

Writing Intensive Guidelines, Articles and Project Stuff

Geologic Map (and strat log) lithologic fill patterns for Adobe Illustrator and Canvas

SUNY Cortland's Geology Department's Writing in the Geological Sciences [500 kb pdf document]

Stratigraphic sequence image [106 kb jpg document]

Folk's sandstone classification [28 kb pdf document]

Dunham's carbonate rock classification [24 kb pdf document]

Clastic rock sample data sheet [20 kb pdf document]

Carbonate rock sample data sheet [20 kb pdf document]

Field description of sedimentary rocks [2.4 MB pdf]

Petrographic description of sedimentary rocks [html document]


Rick Allmendinger's site to download the Steronet program (both Mac and Win versions). Note, although the Window's version is no longer support, it still works fine.

List of online retailers to purchase geological tools

Official international stratigraphic chart (the time scale!)

Link to pdf of Maurice Tucker's book Sedimenatary Rocks in the Field [9.1 MB pdf file]

Univeristy of Georgia's online guide to sequence stratigraphy by Steve Holland.

North American Stratigraphic Code

International Commission on Stratigraphy

New York State Geology. Bret Bennington's (Hofstra University) nice site on NY Geology

Geology in the News, updated frequently by the Geology Department at California State University in Fresno, posts general interest items


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