Article Summaries

Paper Review Guidelines

Blatt (1985)

Morsilli & Pomar (2012)

Schlager (1981)

Dott (1983)

Laporte (1967)




This course is a writing intensive (WI) course. The WI component will be a comprised of a series of written reviews of peer-reviewed scientific articles. These reviews will be critiqued, assessed and returned thus providing students an opportunity to refine and revise their work. Guidelines for writing the reviews and an assessment rubric will be provided. Following the return of the critiqued/assessed initial literature review, students will have approximately one week to resubmit their review addressing the writing and comprehension concerns identified in my critique. This second submission will be critiqued and assessed using the same rubric as the initial submission with the new score replacing that of the initial submission.

You will be visiting this site often to download the research papers assigned throughout the semester. The articles (links on the left sidebar) will be in pdf format. Please download the articles to your computer. Once assigned, students will have one week to complete the assignment according the "Summary Guidelines" document (also available on the left sidebar).