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Albertiana volume 42, December 2014

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Individual parts

Cover. [pdf]

Front matter. [pdf]

The global marine Permian-Triassic boundary: over a century of adventures and controversies (1880–2001). Aymon Baud. p. 1–21. [pdf]

Marine Lariosaurus (Sauropterygia) records from the Middle Triassic of the Germanic Basin: stratigraphic and paleobiogeographic importance for Tethyan and Germanic Basin correlation. Cajus G. Diedrich. p. 22–32. [pdf]

A summary of new conodont biostratigraphy and correlation of the Anisian (Middle Triassic) strata in British Columbia, Canada. Martyn L. Golding, Michael J. Orchard and John-Paul Zonneveld. p. 33–40. [pdf]

Time calibrated Early Triassic δ13Ccarb, δ18Oapatite and SST curves from South China: an update. Nicolas Goudemand. p. 41–48. [pdf]
Note on the conodonts from the Induan-Olenekian boundary. Nicolas Goudemand. p. 49–51. [pdf]

New and corrected evidences on early Triassic biostratigraphy in South Primorye, Siberia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam (report on the IOBWG activity in 2014), Yuri D. Zakharov. p. 52–53. [pdf]

Obituary: Carmina Virgili (1927–2014). p. 54–55. [pdf]

New Triassic literature. Geoffrey Warrington. p. 56–85. [pdf]

Albertiana Forum. p. 86–87. [pdf]

Publication announcement: Stratigraphie von Deutschland XI: Buntsandstein. p. 88. [pdf]

Meeting announcements. p. 89. [pdf]